Mission and Values

Mission and Values

The Trans Advocacy Network (TAN) is an alliance of transgender organizations that work at the state and local level, coming together to build a stronger trans movement by facilitating the sharing of resources, best practices, and organizing strategies.

Our Values Statement:
The ultimate goal of the Trans Advocacy Network is to build a strong, self-sufficient, efficient, effective and sustainable trans movement that works for social, economic and racial justice through leadership development, coalition building and sharing of resources and information.

We define Trans to include anyone whose gender identity or gender expression is different than the stereotypes associated with their sex at birth. We recognize that trans people come from various backgrounds, experiences, and identities.

We recognize our core values as inclusion, accessibility, accountability, parallel organizing.

We respect the diversity of our communities and support gender self-determination. We believe in empowering trans people and their allies to make their own decisions about their identities and bodies.  We respect a diversity of strategies, tactics and priorities.

We work to eliminate the physical, cultural, economic and language barriers which prevent our diverse community of trans people from fully participating in social justice movements and in society at large.

We are committed to challenging racism, socio-economic oppression, ableism, sexism, citizenship status, transphobia, and all other systems of oppression within and outside of the trans movement.  As a leader of communities and groups, we hold ourselves and others accountable and are committed to working in solidarity with other social justice movements.

Parallel Organizing
Working in conjunction with other movements, organizations, and activists in challenging homophobia, biphobia, classism, heterosexism, ageism, discrimination based on national origin, religious or belief affiliation, veteran status, marital and familial status, and all other systems of oppression.

Valuing the role of autonomous trans organizations, we are working on distinct and specific issues that affect trans communities. We recognize that members of the Trans Advocacy Network also work in the broader political context and in solidarity and often in overlapping circles with the greater LGBT movement.