Welcome to the Trans Advocacy Network

Welcome to the Trans Advocacy Network

The Trans Advocacy Network (TAN) is an alliance of transgender organizations that work at the state and local level, coming together to build a stronger trans movement by facilitating the sharing of resources, best practices, and organizing strategies.

Our member organizations are statewide, local, and campus-based trans organizations that work on advocacy, training, and education to help change the climate for trans people in their communities. Member organizations are also LGBT groups who are actively advocating on issues that directly relate to transgender equality through a trans-specific project, committee, or dedicated staff.

Our ally organizations are fundamental to our work as well, and are made up of national transgender and LGBT organizations, chapters of national organizations, international organizations, individual trans activists, trans support groups, and trans social groups.

The ultimate goal of the Trans Advocacy Network (TAN) is a strong, self-sufficient, efficient, effective and sustainable trans movement that works for social, economic and racial justice through leadership development, coalition building and sharing of resources and information.

We define Trans to include anyone whose gender identity or gender expression are different than the stereotypes associated with their sex at birth. We recognize that trans people come from various backgrounds, experiences, and identities.